Interactive Fix Repair Instructions using Canvas Envision

With interactive Fix Repair instructions created and accessed using Canvas Envision, you can deliver a user experience of unbeatable accuracy and rapid knowledge transfer. Use precise 2D drawings, photos, and interactive 3D models that allow your audience to rotate, isolate, explode, and more, to ensure absolute clarity on the processes they need to carry out.

Envision is easy for anyone to use to create, share, and access rich interactive content. Check out the videos below – and access the interactive document here.

Increase accuracy and efficiency

More than 70% of manufacturing companies have been forced to deal with product delays and errors as a result of inaccurate or unclear documentation, with one third reporting unnecessary product downtime as an outcome. With interactive fix repair and maintenance content on the Envision platform, your audience can work faster and with fewer errors.

Eliminate stale data

Outdated documentation is a significant cause of downstream problems, including manufacturing errors and product wastage. With Envision there is no outdated content sitting in email inboxes or chat streams, and your teams are always accessing the most up to date version of the document

Full interactivity for maximum clarity

Embed your 3D CAD models in Envision documents to allow a fully interactive online viewing experience, that allows teams to rotate, pan, explode,isolate, and more, to ensure design reviews are detailed and effective.

Track document access and usage

Only two per cent of manufacturing professionals surveyed said their company had the ability to track access and usage of product related documents, while 70% said it would be beneficial. With Envision you get access to dashboards which give vital data about who is accessing and using your documents, and how often.

Full control and security

With Envision you’re in complete control of who gets to see and interact withyour content. Sophisticated 3D data settings allow you to set visibility levels for your 3D models, and you can manage collaborative permissions for every stakeholder individually.

See how this Envision document was built using the Envision Creator app.

collaborative creativity

Envision is about working together.

You can share the documents you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feed-back, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for clearing the finished document with sales and business development teams.

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