Canvas Envision for service and maintenance teams

maintaining flawless communication

Cut delays, reduce errors, and optimize essential maintenance processes by communicating with visual precision. Create, share, and collaborate using digital service, repair, and maintenance manuals that give your audience the ability to interact with real 3D CAD models.

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communication that helps you improve reliability and uptime

Maintenance teams across the ecosystem depend on precision information to get the job done efficiently.  Whether they’re customer employees, part of a dealer network, third-party contractors, or part of your own team, the need for absolute clarity in the documentation that guides their work is paramount.

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Canvas Envision gives anyone the ability to create and consume interactive technical documentation, quickly and easily, using precise visualizations of 3D CAD models which leave nothing to guesswork or interpretation.

That makes for easier, more immediate understanding, and faster execution of critical tasks.

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interactive visual communication that puts everyone in the picture

interactive visual communication that puts everyone in the picture

“We’ve cut the time we spend on documentation by 25% – 50%, freeing our engineers to focus on what’s most important.”

Text-heavy, printed manuals can be time-consuming and off-putting, particularly if your audience spans a range of language skills, education, and expertise. What everyone involved in service, maintenance, and repair requires is a way to make sophisticated data and ideas easy for the entire audience to understand.

Visual communication is more effective but flat, static drawings or screenshots of CAD models just don’t show everything you need to see.

Canvas Envision takes visual communication of complex information to the next level by letting people interact with 3D models on any device. With a single click, they can pop 3D models out of the document and interact with them to view them from any angle, view metadata, and even isolate or hide individual components. That’s communication that leaves nothing to chance.

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the all-in-one solution that meets every need

The number of different applications involved in documentation creation is a recognized pain point. By giving you the ability to manage photographs, text, charts, symbols and 3D CAD models in a single graphics application, Canvas Envision lets you create essential visual assets faster and with complete autonomy.

Laptop screenthe all-in-one solution that meets every need
  • Rotate, pan, and zoom your model to get exactly the right angle
  • Show exploded views with linear, spherical, and cylindrical explode modes
  • Ghost, hide, and isolate individual components to focus your audience
  • Use cutting planes to create precise cross-section views
  • Use model metadata to create BOM tables and smart labels
  • Show essential dimensioning data
  • Save and edit visualizations with ease
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collaborate to get the job done

Envision is about working together.

Technical documents can be shared with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feedback, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking details with product teams and for clearing the finished document with leadership.‍ You can even give the final audience the ability to mark-up and annotate your maintenance documents to help refine them in the field, with Envision keeping a record of every interaction to help you make constant optimization part of your documentation workflow.

interactive visual communication that puts everyone in the picture

the visual teamwork platform

Canvas Envision combines a powerful desktop graphics application* with access-anywhere cloud collaboration and storage.

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