Canvas Envision for sales teams

interactive visual assets that make selling easier

Rapidly build and customize interactive visual sales assets and presentations that leverage real 3D CAD models and data to focus your prospects and customers on the value and power of your products. Give your audience the ability to interact with models themselves, so they’re able to learn fast and make quicker buying decisions.

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create custom sales presentations with stand-out impact

Every customer has a unique set of requirements and success depends on your ability to demonstrate that your product is a precise fit. But it takes time to work up a new set of assets when you’re reliant on product and marketing teams to get product visualizations that match your specifications. And that’s time you don’t have when customers are coming at you fast for answers and the opportunity is hot.

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Canvas Envision puts you in control. It gives you the ability to work directly with your existing 3D CAD models to create exactly the visuals you need to communicate product fit and value to your audience. With Envision you can work fast to adapt and iterate your collateral on the fly, to show your audience compelling data that drives sales decisions.

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empower .everyone

empower .everyone

“Customers want to see our CAD models so they know the products are real!"

Working with CAD models used to be only for engineers with expensive software and years of training. Not anymore. Envision empowers everyone – especially non-technical people in customer facing roles – to create professional visualizations of product models. And with cool, easy to use features like the instant Annotation Lens and smart callouts, you can educate your customers precisely on the power of your products.

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seeing is believing. interacting is understanding

You don’t just show your products to people with Envision, you let people interact with and understand them. When you publish your assets to the Envision cloud, your audience can access them in an instant through any browser.

Laptop screenseeing is believing. interacting is understanding

And, with a single click, they can pop 3D models out of the document and interact with them to view them from any angle, view metadata, and even isolate or hide individual components. That’s communication that leaps off the page.

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collaborative creativity

Envision is about working together.

You can share the assets and presentations you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feedback, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for ensuring consistency with other promotional assets.

empower .everyone

work faster, win faster

By giving you the ability to manage photographs, text, charts, symbols and 3D CAD models in a single easy to use application, Canvas Envision lets you create essential visual assets faster and with complete autonomy. That means your key messages get in front of your prospects sooner – driving quicker and more educated buying decisions.

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the visual teamwork platform

Canvas Envision combines a powerful desktop graphics application* with access-anywhere cloud collaboration and storage.

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