work instructions to power your success

Game-changing interactive instructional experiences that connect workers to operational knowledge on the floor and in the field

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SaaS or self-hosted

Fully customizable

Integrate and embed

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Instructions, digitally transformed: Sustainability. Clarity. Continuity.


Link live documents to source CAD for frictionless updates when models change


of manufacturers have experienced errors or delays due to out of date documentation.


Easily combine interactive 3D CAD, video, animation, audio, image, live data and more


of manufacturers say visual documents are easier to understand.


Capture end user feedback and tribal knowledge to drive continuous improvement


of manufacturers say inefficient documentation workflows undermine gains.

Interactive Documentation

Canvas Envision: Faultless work instructions

Powerful, flexible, and built for customization, Envision delivers unbeatable instructional experiences for frontline workers

Hit your Quality KPIs

Assembly Instructions: Reduce error rates and scrap, increase throughput, and drive employee satisfaction

Drive down errors - Deliver interactive instructional experiences that engage workers and minimize mistakes in assembly processes

Multimedia guides – Easily deliver video, model-based animations, audio guides, interactive CAD, multi-language displays and more

Continuous improvement – Gather end-user feedback, track key metrics, capture tribal knowledge

Assembly Instructions
Minimize downtime

Maintenance & Repair Instructions: Reduce mean time to repair and equipment downtime with interactive guides that get the job done right fast – and first time.

User autonomy – Interactive documentation allows users to self-clarify, reducing delays caused by the need to check-in and driving faster completion

Online and offline – Users can access live content or preload to the Envision app to view in environments without connectivity

Field data – Allow maintenance teams to log feedback on their experience and activity in the field

Maintenance & Repair
Train and retain your workforce

Workforce Training: Transform training with connected interactive experiences designed to engage the digital generation.

Faster learning – interactive content, including easy-to-follow animations and embedded 3D CAD is proven to drive quicker learning

LMS Integration – Easily embed interactive content into your Learning Management System, and use LMS controls to drive content

Experience continuity – Train new and existing workers using the same content they will use on the floor and in the field.

Workforce Training

Envision customers are driving measurable gains in critical workflows

Mighty Lube

“I'm saving about 4 hours a week editing existing manuals and creating new ones because Envision makes it easy to put all of our images,  symbols,logos, colors, page numbers, and icons in one place.”

Mikayla Boucher
Mighty Lube, Inc.

“With any new solution like ours, it’s imperative that technicians have machine-side access to reliable documentation, and Envision helps us provide this, exactly when and where our customers need it.”

Tim Seaton
Breezi, Inc.

"Envision is also great when we can’t get equipment to film or for older kits we can’t access. I simply get the CAD drawings from the engineering department and quickly build instructional content to order because Envision is so intuitive and easy to use.”

Dustin Cater
The Taylor Company

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Easy Integrations

Integrate with existing enterprise systems

Envision has been developed to integrate with PLM, MES, MRO and even other work instruction solutions to support and augment existing workflows

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Canvas Envision: Connected Knowledge for the New Manufacturing Workforce

Cut errors, reduce costs, improve time to market and retain the best workforce. Talk to us today.

SaaS or self-hosted

Fully customizable

Integrate and embed

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Get the job done right, every time, with Canvas Envision

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