Canvas Envision 3D CAD Viewer

Real-time collaboration, with simple markup and design review

3D CAD Viewer screenshot

With the Canvas Envision online 3D CAD viewer, flat images and static screenshots of 3D models are a thing of the past.

Envision allows your audience to not only view your models on the web but to interact directly with them, so they can understand precisely what they need to.

Envision powers real-time collaboration, with simple mark-up and review functions that make it easy to work together on 3D models and design review, wherever you are.

And of course you have absolute control over who has access to your content, with simple to use metadata screening, distribution settings and access privileges.

  • Rotate and zoom each model to view from every angle
  • Ghost, hide, and isolate individual components to study in detail
  • Access and select parts according to model metadata
  • Change viewing options including render modes and lighting
  • View separate document layers and revisions
  • Instant comments and markup
  • Presentation mode
  • Easy access instructions
  • Export to JPG, PNG, MP4, and more
System requirements
Requires Windows 10 64bit v1607 or later. Full requirements.
Supported 3D mode file formats/extensions
3D Manufacturing (.3mf), 3DXML (.3dxml), ACIS (.sat, .sab), AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf, .dwf, .dxfx), AutoCAD Inventor (.ipt, .iam), CATIA Assembly (.CATProduct), CATIA Part (.CATPart), CATIA V4 (.model, .session), CATIA V5 (.CATProduct, .CATPart, .cgr), COLLADA (.dae), Filmbox (.fbx), GL Transmission Format (.gltf, .glb), IGES (.igs, iges), Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc, ifczip), JT Siemens (.jt), NX Siemens (.prt), OBJ (.obj), Parasolid (.x_t,.xmt_txt, .x_b), PRC (.prc), Pro/E/Creo (.asm, .prt), Pro/E/Creo Assembly (.asm), Pro/E/Creo Part (.prt), Revit (.rvt, .rfa), Rhino (.3dm), SolidEdge (.par, .asm, .psm), SolidWorks (.sldasm, .sldprt), SolidWorks Assembly (.sldasm), SolidWorks Part (.sldprt), STEP (.stp, .step, .stpZ), STL (.stl), U3D (.u3d), VDA-FS (.vda), VRML (.wrl, .vrml)

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