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Create and consume visual interactive digital instructions for training, assembly, and maintenance. Drive faster, more effective knowledge transfer. Minimize delays, errors, and scrap.

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Interactive and visual content is proven to be more effective for process learning and execution in manufacturing environments. Canvas Envision makes it easy to create and consume everything from embeddable 2D drawings and static 3D model visualizations to entire digital work instruction documents using interactive models and animations.

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documentation solutions, not problems

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77% of manufacturers want to reduce time taken to create documentation

78% say instructions are too text-heavy for an increasingly diverse workforce

85% have seen delays and errors because of inaccurate and unclear documentation

80% say visual instructional content is easier for workers to understand

60% of manufactures struggle with documentation rework as products change

73% say problems with documentation and content undermine other business initiatives

from 2D illustration to interactive digital instructions

Canvas Envision is an on-premise solution that delivers best-in-class 2D illustration capabilities, powerful and intuitive 3D CAD visualization, and the ability to create and deliver fully interactive 3D instructional experiences. We know change can be hard, and that’s why we’ve developed Envision to power your journey to fully digital work instructions.

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2D drawing and 3D model visualization

Canvas Envision delivers a rich suite of 2D illustration and graphics functions that make it simple to graphically depict products and processes.

Add to that the ability to import and easily visualize 3D assemblies with absolute precision – rotate, ghost, explode, isolate, cutting planes, and more – and you have the most comprehensive technical illustration solution on the market.

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2D drawing and 3D model visualization
use case

animation and interactive models

Envision puts the power of animated and interactive 3D content right at your fingertips. With no prior CAD software experience needed, anyone can create animated instructions using 3D models, and add audio narration to train and guide assembly workers, maintenance teams, and new recruits more quickly and effectively.

Envision also lets you easily embed interactive 3D models into digital content and platforms, delivering fully interactive, autonomous experiences for teams carrying out critical assembly and maintenance processes – proven to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

  • Create 3D animations, including audio
  • Embed interactive 3D models
  • Integrate content into existing platforms
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Animation and interactive models
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reduce scrap with digital work instructions

Instructional, visual content is easier to understand, allowing teams to work faster, with fewer errors, reducing scrap and rework – targets which are essential when global supply chains are under pressure.

Envision makes it easy to build entire visual digital work instruction documents, complete with precise 3D visualizations, narrated animation, interactive models, smart annotations, and more

  • Replace text-heavy and hard copy documents
  • Interactive visual content for diverse workforce
  • Improve efficiency and reduce wastage
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Reduce scrap with digital work instructions
use case

train and retain your workforce

The U.S. manufacturing sector is facing a huge workforce shortage, with as many as 2.1 million unfilled jobs expected by 2030. Older workers are retiring out of the industry, taking with them decades of institution knowledge.

Manufacturers need to hire and retain a new generation of talent in order to remain competitive. Training that talent effectively is critical to success.

Envision content can easily be embedded into your existing LMS, and our on-premise solution allows you to serve instructional content directly from your own platforms.

  • Drive faster and more successful learning
  • Improve employee performance
  • Increase satisfaction and retention
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Train and retain your workforce
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interactive digital maintenance and repair instructions

With interactive instructions created and accessed using Canvas Envision, you can deliver a user experience of unbeatable accuracy and rapid knowledge transfer for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Use precise 2D drawings and model visualizations, narrated 3D model animations, and interactive 3D models to ensure absolute clarity on scheduled maintenance, checks, services, and ad hoc repairs.

Integrate Envision with your existing content platforms, and deliver a fully digital experience for MRO teams, both on- and offline.

  • Visual interactive content for greater clarity
  • Drive faster task completion
  • Reduce error count
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Canvas Envision showing rear suspension modelSafety valve instructions made using Canvas EnvisionStep by step instructions created using Canvas EnvisionTrain and retain your workforce3d illustration for technical document

visual communication software for everyone

Canvas software has everything you need whatever you’re creating – from digital art, through graphic design, to technical illustration and more.

Canvas X Draw

Canvas X Draw

free trial
  • 2D graphics and drawing
  • Pixel level image editing
  • Symbol library
  • Template library
  • High precision
Envision .evONE

Envision .evONE

free trial
  • 2D graphics and drawing
  • Image editing
  • 3D model visualization
  • Instant web sharing
  • Smart tools
  • High precision
  • Symbol library
  • Template library
Canvas X Draw

Envision Suite

free trial
  • 3D model visualization
  • 3D animation
  • Full collaboration
  • 2D graphics and drawing
  • Image editing
  • Smart tools
  • High precision
  • Mark-up and review
  • Dedicated cloud instance
  • Cloud publishing (web viewing)
  • Interactive content experience
  • Cloud storage and sharing
  • Document usage tracking
  • Cloud presentation mode
  • Symbol library
  • Template library
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“You really don’t have any competitor doing what Envision does. The amount of power this unlocks for us as a business is unbelievable.”

See how Canvas Envision is driving success for our customers by changing the way they communicate about their products.

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What would you Envision?

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seeing is believing. interacting is understanding.

Over 80% of manufacturers surveyed said they had experienced delays and errors that affect products and processes as a result of instructional content being inaccurate, unclear, or hard to understand.

Manufacturing errors and wastage, delayed product launches and avoidable after-sales downtime were all cited as damaging outcomes.

It’s time to make the shift to interactive digital instructions that drive faster, more effective knowledge transfer, improving your efficiency, helping to attract and retain the best new workforce, and protecting your core KPIs.

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