3D CAD skills for marketing teams

Mike Hibberd, VP Marketing
3D CAD skills for marketing teams

We hear often from our customers about the problems marketing and sales teams have getting good quality images of 3D CAD models from engineering teams. In some cases it can take days to get the right visual and a static document can be out of date within a matter of weeks.

Canvas Envision was developed to make it easy for everyone to be able to work directly with 3D CAD models, without the need for specialized training, expensive CAD software or high-end workstations. That means marketing teams can create exactly the visualizations they need for their promotional materials.

Even better, the audience can view those documents online and interact with the models so they understand everything they need to, fast. You can even embed the documents on your own website.

It's the new way to visually communicate product value, function and performance, and it's easy enough for everyone.

Check out this short webinar - just a little over ten minutes - which gives you a flavor of what's possible.

And if you want to know more, or to try it out for yourself, just schedule a call with one of the team.

If you want to experience Envision for yourself, click here to view and interact with the document I used in this presentation!

(note - Envision and its 3D model interaction is optimized for laptop and desktop based viewing, in line with customer demand)

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