Enhanced Authoring, Collaboration, Document Management, and Model Visualization

Latest Release of Canvas Envision Connected Knowledge Platform Delivers Enhanced Authoring, Collaboration, Document Management, and Model Visualization

Highlights include 3D model optimization, customizable user interfaces, multimedia content, and improved comment and review functionality

Canvas Envision
June 27, 2024

Boston, MA: June 17, 2024 – The latest release of the Canvas Envision Connected Knowledge platform for manufacturers offers a raft of improvements that drive efficiencies in the authoring, management, and consumption of interactive digital work instructions, delivering downstream value on the shop floor and in the field.

3D Model Visualization

Model-based work instructions deliver unparalleled clarity. The latest Envision release offers a number of improvements to 3D data handling:

  • 3D optimization allows authors to hide or group certain parts of their 3D models on import, significantly reducing file sizes and improving the performance of model rendering and interactivity for end users of digital work instructions.
  • Enhanced appearance options allow authors to assign material types to models and parts, for realistic rendering and improved clarity.
  • 3D arrows allow authors to illustrate required direction of movement for parts of models in key assembly or maintenance processes


Envision is designed to facilitate efficient and easy collaboration between authors and reviewers.

  • Comments can be added at any point in a document in the Creator application.
  • Users can be tagged in comments, triggering email notifications as well as alerting the user within Envision.
  • Comments can be replied to, assigned priority, edited, resolved, and sorted by creation time, status, account, and priority.


Envision offers unmatched handling of different content formats in a single document environment.

  • Custom ribbons can be built in the Creator Application using the Envision SDK, refining the user interface for specific or frequently required actions.
  • Audio and video content can be inserted into documents in the Creator, allowing for reuse of existing content and offering additional clarity.
  • Send to layer allows authors to easily position the same objects on multiple layers within the document, for example when creating different language layers for multilingual workforces.
  • Animations created from 3D models in the Creator application can now be exported as videos.

Document management

The latest release of Envision delivers a significant reworking of document management functionality, making it easy for authors, admins, and end users to share and access the content that is relevant to them.

  • New document statuses include Draft, Review, Published, and Archive, with documents easily assigned for review and simple access to version histories.
  • Public centers can be created in the admin area, allowing the viewing of Envision documents without the need for registration or log-in.
  • Permanent link sharing allows authors to change documents associated with a static URL, perfect for updating content linked by QR codes in operational environments, for example.

The latest revision of Envision will be demoed during a live webinar on July 11, "Elevate Quality and Drive Transformation with Model-based Work Instructions."

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