Convert Static PDFs to Interactive Documents Quickly with Envision Append Feature

Convert PDFs to Interactive Documents Quickly with Append Feature

Do you have a backlog of PDF documentation you want made collaborative and interactive?

Canvas Envision
May 26, 2023

Many people come to Canvas Envision because they want to move away from static PDF instructional and technical documents. They're responsible for managing thousands of PDF documents that can't be easily updated. They understand the value of moving beyond static PDFs, but their libraries still provide a framework of all that has come before an envisioned document.

If you have a backlog of PDF documentation and want to update your files to be more collaborative and interactive, you'll understand why Append is one of Envision's most powerful and often-used features.

Using the Append command

With a simple command, users can insert documents of many file types into .evdocs. After customizing font conversion and text merging during import, the append process converts the PDF document directly into individual Envision pages.

After the import is complete, Envision users can add 3D and interactive content to the newly converted pages. With a few clicks, legacy documents gain the power of 3D model interactivity to make for highly creative and visually interactive digital instruction manuals.

Why are interactive docs better than PDFs?

Why are interactive documents superior to flat PDF documentation? Learn the difference between a maintenance document presented as a PDF vs. the same document built and accessed in the Canvas Envision platform, where 3D models replace flat images to provide a fully interactive experience.

Watch the video below to see how quickly flat PDFs can be transformed into interactive assets with Canvas Envision:

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