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the critical role of technical illustration in aerospace

Canvas software is used by technical illustrators at this Fortune 50 manufacturer to visualize complex engineering requirements for service and maintenance personnel and manage file compatibility between systems.

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precision technical illustration


Maintenance staff responsible for servicing sophisticated military jets can’t afford mistakes. They need to understand the tasks they are required to perform with absolute clarity. That means detailed instructions for every process – right down to the angle at which they need to hold a pair of pliers to twist electrical wires.

By far the most effective way to ensure they have the precision they need is to make visual communication the core component of the technical documentation created to communicate those instructions.

At one of the largest aerospace and defense manufacturers in the world, Canvas technical illustration software is the application in which this crucial work is carried out.


“Canvas is invaluable in taking that complex data and making it very easy for the mechanics to understand.”


the common language of visual communication


Canvas user Richard, a technical lead for this aerospace manufacturer, explains that technical illustrators in large manufacturers play a key role translating complex ideas from engineers into easily consumable assets for downstream service and maintenance personnel.

“Technical illustrators have always been the liaison between the front line manual and service workers and the engineering community. We take these very intense, highly complex engineering drawings and simplify them into pictures that enable those front line workers to pick up their tools, look at the picture, and go to work.”


technical illustration translates into workflow efficiencies


A company the size and complexity of this one has a complex product lifecycle tech and software stack and there can be issues with file compatibility.

“Fortunately Canvas is loaded with great translators. We use it to convert text searchable PDF files of schematics exported from our Common Electrical / Electronic Data System (CEEDS) into Siemens NX-compatible CGM import files. And we use Canvas to import engineering vector artwork produced in Siemens NX and combine that with color, raster JPG or TIF images in our Canvas illustrations.”

The ability of Canvas software to import and interact with so many different file formats makes it a critical workflow application.

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“Canvas makes wonderful software. Myself and my illustration team are some of your biggest users.”

Canvas is chosen by leading manufacturing brands from all verticals because it has been developed specifically to cater to precision technical illustration use cases.

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