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Impossible Sensing

Impossible Sensing: interactive content creates connections

Space tech innovator and NASA contractor Impossible Sensing chose Canvas Envision to power interactive communication with partners and prospects, creating essential connections between customers and products that help drive business wins.

Communicating faster, with more impact, at scale

Impossible Sensing is out to change the world by developing technologies which, by enabling learning on other planets, can help combat climate change here on Earth. The firm’s autonomous exploration tools, designed to function in extreme environments from deep ocean to deep space, characterize chemical and mineral compounds in life-seeking and exploration missions to other planets, climate change monitoring missions and applications on Earth and cleantech development initiatives to decarbonize.

Communicating the physical design, function and capability of these sophisticated tools with absolute clarity is essential if they are to be used in deep space missions and climate change applications globally.

Canvas Envision allows Impossible Sensing to streamline the process of creating and sharing the visual assets used to drive this communication, both for the technical team and graphic designers, reducing time spent switching between CAD and graphics programs and removing the need for specialist applications such as Fusion 360.

But for all the complexity and scientific precision of the instruments Impossible designs, winning contracts also depends on making a more personal connection between the firm’s customers and products, says Impossible’s CEO and founder, Pablo Sobron.  

“The challenge for us is to find a way to show our customers – whether it’s the CEO of a climate research non-profit, or Mars scientist at NASA – our product concepts in a way that really gets them excited."

Prior to the pandemic, Pablo would take a3D-printed model of his products to meetings, to help customers get a sense ofwhat the product would look like when completed. But with in-person meetings more difficult to achieve, this option was no longer available.

Because Envision enables the creation of content using interactive 3D models, it allows for the same level ofcommunication remotely, and at scale.

"Physical meetings will definitely come back, but not to the same extent. Now I can use Envision to let the customer feel the product, and I can do 20 meetings a week instead of two because I don’t have to travel."

Looking ahead, Pablo sees Envision becoming a core communication tool for Impossible Sensing’sinternal stakeholders – his own employees and ecosystem colleagues who need tobe kept abreast of everything the company is doing – protecting the companyagainst siloed operations.

Delivering a connection that sells

Impossible Sensing’s products may be born out of advanced physics, but an emotional connection is still crucial to driving sales.

“With Envision we connect with our audience at a deeper level. We can now create much richer content in a way that helps our audience better understand our product because we can show things we couldn’t show before. Interactive content like that we create with Envision creates an emotional connection with our customers; they can imagine their life with our product from the very beginning, immerse themselves  in what we are doing, and help us develop the product for them.”

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