communicating the specifics visually

Titan initially deployed Canvas Envision to enable a multidisciplinary team to easily share the essential product information which engineers and architects need in order to specify its products in their plans. And its own engineering team has identified other areas in which Envision can optimize workflows.

communicate the right information at the right time

Industrial pipeline equipment manufacturer Titan Flow Control is embarking on a major project to increase its ‘spec rate’ – the frequency with which its products are specified in project plans drawn up byengineering or architecture firms.

In Titan FCI’s industry, getting specified by firms which are managing big contracts is a prerequisite for sales. In the old days, companies relied on field sales teams making in-person calls to drive awarenessand understanding of their product catalog. In 2021 companies like Titan need to scale and accelerate that process.

Titan’s end customers typically require a significant level of customization of the firm’s core products, meaning customers need to be able to both understand the products and communicate their own customization requirements.

Two people review inventory of metal parts

By enabling teams to quickly create and share online product documents which allow audiences to interact with product models and collaborate with document creators, Envision is a natural fit for both requirements.

As company founder David Whritenour explains: “We need to reach a large number of these engineering firms, provide them with the verybest data, at precisely the right time, to show them how specifying our products rather than our competitors’ will make their lives easier. Envision has a key role to play for us in making that happen.”

“Our engineering team is very heavily Solidworks-based. And they are really excited to use Envision, because they’re coming up with a number of other ideas about how it could be used to improve workflows.”

cross-functional teams rely on Envision

Titan has teams of employees from engineering, from marketing, and even from IT using Envision to realize this ambitious project.

Product sheets can easily be created by the marketing team, because Envision enables even non-technical users to handle and visualize 3D CAD models. The firm’s Solidworks engineers will be taking advantage of Envision’s ability to work with model metadata, which allows for the quick and simple creation of document components such as BOM tables.

visual communication overcomes language barriers

While Titan manufacturers some of its products at its NorthCarolina facilities, it also imports a large amount of product from China. Supplier relationships can be challenging because of the confusion and lack of clarity which stem from the language barrier and a reliance on text-based communication.

Titan’s engineering team are looking to Envision to address these challenges, by visually communicating key product requirements to their suppliers.

“It can be hard to get details across when we’re talkingabout a specific feature of a product that we need. But visual communication goes a long way to solving that problem,” David says.

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