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Unlock the value in your product data and transform visual communication and collaboration across the enterprise and ecosystem with Canvas Envision. It’s the future of visual teamwork.

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the power of visual teamwork

For every engineer with access to rich product data such as 3D CAD models there are hundreds – if not thousands – of downstream colleagues whose success depends on the ability to create, consume, and interact with visual content which accurately depicts that data.

Too often that success is blocked because visual communicators and their audiences lack access to data, and the software and training to work with it effectively.

Canvas Envision is a visual collaboration solution that empowers teams throughout the enterprise to work with data and content numerous file formats — including 3D CAD — to create rich, dynamic visual assets. And it makes those assets fully interactive, powering true collaboration across distributed teams and ecosystems.

Explore some familiar blocks to effective visual communication in the enterprise.

data access

Data and content essential to effective visual communication of products and processes is highly diverse, often complex, and in some cases not directly accessible to a majority of employees.  Problems with accessibility may be related to the file types, or different teams within the enterprise having ownership of different sets of data or content. To directly access 3D CAD models and data, for example, employees typically need specialized software and training, or must depend on colleagues who have both. Even then, the content they are given to work with may be as static and data-poor as a simple screenshot.

wrong tools

Mainstream vector graphics apps aren’t built to create technical as well as graphical content. Technical visualization apps lack the rich illustrative capabilities prized by sales and marketing teams. Generic suites from Microsoft and Google aren’t intended to handle end-to-end content creation in a single application. Software requirements become increasingly complex and costly, and no single application delivers the magic combination of graphic power, technical precision, and ease of use required to address the visual communication needs of the entire enterprise.

static assets

When visual communicators work with limited inputs such as screenshots or scanned hard copy documents – often as a result of poor data access – the visual assets they produce are easily compromised. Poor access causes delays to content production, while the assets themselves lack the depth and precision of information required to deliver truly effective visual communication across the enterprise and out to the supply and customer ecosystem. The problem is compounded by the ease with which documents can become outdated causing the cycle of challenges to begin again.


The audience for visual assets is as diverse as the assets themselves. Suppliers, external service providers, internal fabrication teams, customers, prospects, installers and maintainers. Each audience segment is unique and needs to interact with content and content creators accordingly. Static documentation leaves the audience disconnected and unable to clarify what is required or being communicated, leading to endless emails, voice, and video calls which happen after clarification is needed and delay essential processes.


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See how Canvas Envision drives powerful visual communication and collaboration across the organization and ecosystem
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make data accessible, understandable, actionable

Effective communication is fundamental to progress, and visual communication is the fastest route to understanding. UP to 90% of information processed by the brain is visual and, by some estimates, we are able to understand visual communication up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Canvas Envision is the visual collaboration solution that drives more effective communication across teams and ecosystems, distributed and remote, by making critical enterprise data accessible, understandable, and actionable.

  • Put critical data in the hands of everyone who needs it, empowering teams and increasing productivity and efficiency with autonomous workflows
  • One visual communication application to ingest and work with a huge diversity of data – Envision can import over 120 different file formats, including 3D CAD
  • Envision makes it easy create and consume accurate, informative, and compelling visual assets which are always current thanks to associative data
  • Work in the universal language of visual communication with a powerful graphics engine. Envision Creator was designed specifically for the technical enterprise
  • Translate complex and diverse data and ideas into clear, comprehensible visual assets. Visualize products, processes, requirements, value propositions, and more
  • Sophisticated data and ideas made easy for a broad audience and demographic. Bridge the divides between different levels of language, education, and expertise
  • Unlock the true value of product data by ensuring your audience knows precisely what needs to be done and how to do it
  • Enable downstream team members to seek clarity in real-time. Maintenance teams connect directly to product designers. Sales and BD teams can interact with engineering
  • Create a collaborative environment for visual assets to be refined and optimized. Capture and leverage every valuable interaction associated with key documentation


connecting the entire enterprise

See how Canvas Envision is used to drive effective visual communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise and ecosystem.

Canvas Envision empowers teams right across the organization to work faster, and work smarter, by communicating and collaborating visually. See how Envision can drive efficiencies and cut cost throughout the enterprise and ecosystem.

fix + repair

For the teams tasked with maintaining your products, whether they’re internal, customer-based, or working out of distributors and dealerships, clarity on how to keep your product in prime condition is an operational essential. They may be used to dealing with low-resolution graphics, hard copy documentation, or a massive database of PDFs that come into the business on USB drives.

With Envision they get direct, real-time access to the most up-to-date version of the content available, through any device. And they can interact with the product models in the documents to ensure they understand exactly what’s required. They can mark-up documentation and feedback on processes and improvements required. Repairs and maintenance happen faster, at less cost, and essential process data is automatically routed back upstream.

business development

Your Business Development Reps (BDRs) are out on the hunt and you need to make sure they’re armed with the most compelling data imaginable to bring prospects to the table. Typically they have had to rely on product engineers to supply visual assets for use in their sales collateral; static screenshot images that can never do justice to the unique competitive advantage your products can deliver.

With Envision from Canvas your commercial content team can access the original product models – screened for sensitive IP, of course – to create fully customized sales collateral for every big prospect that’s in a dialog. Potential customers get access to browser-based interactive proposals and can visually collaborate with your BDRs to understand what they need to do within the proposal document itself. And you capture key customer responses to your products and proposals within Envision.

product design

Executive design reviews and approvals are time consuming. Product engineers can spend weeks waiting for approved content to come back over email. Or they might simply have to carry their CAD-equipped laptop to another part of the building to explain product details to different stakeholders. In a post-Covid world that’s not always possible and, even where it is, it’s not efficient.

With Envision, product engineers can drive measurable efficiencies by cutting awkward, multi-application workflows, collaborating directly with all stakeholders in a single Envision document which stays current thanks to associative data. And because Envision has been designed to power effective visual communication for everyone, documentation is always precise as well as dynamic.


Bill of Materials tables are complex and subject to constant change. Updates are often manual and associated delays are tolerated such that they’re often baked into operational costs. Procurement teams can use Envision to ensure suppliers and buyers always have access to the same, up to date content in a fully interactive and communicative environment. Product changes can associate automatically throughout documentation and those baked in costs can be a thing of the past.


the visual teamwork platform

Canvas Envision combines a powerful desktop graphics application* with device and OS-agnostic, access-anywhere cloud collaboration and storage. With API integration to other critical enterprise software and services, Envision is designed to let your teams create, collaborate, and connect.

  • Feature-rich and intuitive enterprise graphics application
  • Enables teams to work with diverse and complex data
  • Powers creation of broad range of precision visual outputs
  • Access-anywhere content, with associative data
  • Fully interactive, including 3D model handling
  • Rich feedback, chat and mark-up capabilities
  • Integrates with enterprise software stack
  • PLM, 3D CAD, Business Communication Tools
  • Visual content workflow hub for enterprise and ecosystem

*Canvas Envision desktop Creator application is currently available for Microsoft Windows

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