interactive 3D visualization made .ev

Meet the .evdoc, the new interactive visual documentation file format that lets you add another dimension to your visual communication.

visualize .everything

It’s time to say goodbye to flat screengrabs that only communicate a fraction of the reality of your product.
Watch this comparison of evdoc and pdf.

Person working with a 3D CAD model in Canvas
Content that can go into an .evdoc

one format that
handles .everything

The .evdoc delivers unbeatable versatility. It can handle text, photographs, vector graphics and 2D drawings, and 3D CAD models created in all leading packages.

No more messing about with different files for different uses. With the .evdoc you have verything in one place.

view an .evdoc now
What you can create from an .evdoc

what do you Envision?

An .evdoc can be any kind of visual document you like. A set of manufacturing work instructions, a maintenance and repair manual, an internal product presentation, a product brochure, or a sales deck.

Whatever you need to communicate about your products, the .evdoc gives you the power to bring your visual assets to life.

Interaction with 3D CAD model in an Envision document

interact to understand

You can view .evdocs through any browser, on any device. And with just one click, viewers can pop 3D CAD models off the page and interact with them directly, isolating or hiding individual parts, accessing metadata, or switching between viewing modes.

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