3D CAD Visualization Software

Work directly with all leading 3D CAD data packages

Working with CAD models used to be only for engineers with expensive software and years of training. Not anymore. Envision empowers everyone – especially non-technical people in customer facing roles – to create professional visualizations of product models. And with cool, easy to use features like the instant Annotation Lens and smart callouts, you can educate your customers precisely on the power of your products.

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3D CAD visualizations

gain total control of 3D CAD model visuals

Because you can work directly with 3D CAD data from all leading 3D CAD packages, evCreator gives you complete control over the visualization of your 3D CAD models.

Explode and rotate models, ghost parts, and interact directly with metadata to create bill of materials tables and create instant annotations.

Envision can import and manipulate files created in Solidworks, PTC Creo, Rhino, Catia, Parasolid, Siemens NX, Autodesk, AutoCAD and more.

3D online CAD viewer

powerful 3D CAD visualization features

  • Combine 3D CAD models with 2D vector graphics and images
  • No prior 3D CAD experience necessary to use
  • Rotate, pan and zoom your model for precision
  • Linear, spherical, and cylindrical explode modes
  • Ghost, hide and isolate individual parts
  • Create precise cross-section views with cutting planes
  • Create BOM tables and smart labels from metadata
  • Save and edit visualizations with ease
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technical illustration software that increases productivity

Envision evCreator

Envision evCreator is a powerful graphics application* combining 2D drawing and image editing with 3D model handling for creating technical illustrations, product visualizations, animations, charts, text and more. The evCreator handles the preparation of every visual asset you need to add to your instructional content - as well as the creation of end-to-end documents.

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3D online CAD viewer
2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision’s Design Review capability makes it easy for every stakeholder to access and review critical product information, including 2D drawings, 3D models, images, and more.

All stakeholders are able to access and view designs in the Envision cloud, including fully interactive 3D models, and add mark-ups, comments, suggestions and requirements.

Perfect for distributed teams and organizations.

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online 3D CAD viewer - Canvas Envision

With the Canvas Envision online 3D CAD viewer, flat images and static screenshots of 3D models are a thing of the past. Envision allows your audience to not only view your models on the web but to interact directly with them, so they can understand precisely what they need to.

Envision powers real-time collaboration, with simple mark-up and review functions that make it easy to work together on 3D models and design review, wherever you are.

And of course you have absolute control over who has access to your content, with simple to use metadata screening, distribution settings and access privileges.

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2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Embed interactive content on your website

The Canvas Envision embedded viewer makes it super easy for you to embed visual interactive content featuring real 3D CAD models on your website. Let your audience play with your product models to learn and understand everything they need to.

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How to create an interactive Envision document using 3D CAD models

3D CAD visualization videos

3D CAD visualization videos

How to create an interactive Envision document using 3D CAD models

By embedding real 3D CAD models into your product flyers with Canvas Envision, you can give anyone the ability to interact with those models to understand everything they need to, much faster than with flat images and text.

Access and use PMI data from your CAD models in Canvas Envision

PMI data provides essential contextual information relating to CAD models of your products. Using Canvas Envision it's easy to bring this data into your visual documents. Watch this video to see how!

Transform 3D models

The transform tools can be used to edit the position and orientation of 3D models.

overview of 3D visualization techniques

A quick overview of the 3D Visualization Techniques series.

3D properties

The 3D properties offer a number of different tool sets to edit your 3D user interface and view modes of 3D models.