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The Canvas Envision platform allows teams across your organization – and out into your wider ecosystem – to easily access and consume interactive visual documents created in the Envision Creator graphics app.

Laptop screenRendered 3D CAD model hand in Canvas Envisioncomments in Envision
Person working with a 3D CAD model in Canvas

work better together

Our web viewer makes documents accessible through any browser, and powers real-time collaboration between content creators and their audiences.

With the Envision Cloud you have absolute control over who has access to your content, with simple document organization and distribution settings and access privileges.

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seeing is believing. interacting is understanding

With Canvas Envision, flat documents and static screenshots of 3D models are a thing of the past. Envision allows your audience to not only view your documents on the web but to interact directly with them, so they can understand precisely what they need to.

With just one click, viewers can pop models out of your documents and manipulate them with ease. Envision enables your audience to:

  • Rotate and zoom each model to view from every angle
  • Ghost, hide, and isolate individual components to study in detail
  • Access and select parts according to model metadata
  • Change viewing options including render modes and lighting
  • Interact with models in the document or in isolated viewer
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Commenting on a document

real-time collaboration, wherever you are

In a world where distributed teams have become the norm, the ability to collaborate regardless of location is an operational essential. The Envision web viewer gives users a suite of tools which allow them to inspect, comment, clarify, and request more information. The ability to control privileges makes it easy for teams to work together to create perfect documents, and for content consumers to check their understanding.

  • View separate document layers and revisions
  • Instant comments and mark-up
  • Freehand annotations
  • Presentation mode
  • Easy access instructions
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total control – easy to manage access and permissions

The Envision cloud gives you complete control over how, when, and with whom you share your visual documents. Customizable workspaces with independent privileges let you organize documents according to which ones are in review and which are cleared for publication to a wider audience. Admin tools allow for easy account management for creators and collaborators.

  • Multiple document viewing options with custom privileges
  • Account-free restricted viewing option for external audience
  • Lockable document function prevents unauthorized changes
  • Track shares, views and interaction
  • Easy account and user group management
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User tree showing different levels

documenting the challenges

At Canvas we understand the challenges posed by product documentation across the organization and we’ve developed Envision to help you solve them.

Read more about the challenges of documentation across the organization.


  • Limited utility of CAD screenshots
    • Software limitations
    • Ineffective communication


  • Restricted access to real CAD models
    • High-cost engineers diverted from core tasks
    • Unsuitable software, awkward workarounds


  • Multiple teams
    • Different software and document formats
    • Varied use cases


  • Static images show only one view
    • Different software and document formats
    • Difficulty feeding back and collaborating


  • Manufacturing processes have accelerated
    • Documentation needs to keep pave
    • Assets can become obsolete in as little as five days

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