2D and 3D CAD Design Review using Canvas Envision

Canvas Envision’s Design Review capability makes it easy for every stakeholder to access and review critical product information, including 2D drawings, 3D models, images, and more.

All stakeholders are able to access and view designs in the Envision cloud, including fully interactive 3D models, and add mark-ups, comments, suggestions and requirements.

Perfect for distributed teams and organizations.

Ease of use

Envision is easy for anyone to use to create, share, and access rich interactive content. Check out the videos below – and access the interactive document here.

Increase accuracy and efficiency

73% of manufacturing professionals say it is easy to miss important feedback on product designs because multiple channels, including email, slack, MS Teams, and Zoom, are used to gather input. With Envision all feedback is gathered within a single application which links online viewers directly with content creators. And all feedback is recorded for clarity.

Eliminate stale data

Outdated documentation is a significant cause of downstream problems, including manufacturing errors and product wastage. With Envision there is no outdated content sitting in email inboxes or chat streams, and your teams are alway accessing the most up to date version of the document for review.

Full interactivity for maximum clarity

Embed your 3D CAD models in Envision documents to allow a fully interactive online viewing experience, that allows teams to rotate, pan, explode, isolate, and more, to ensure design reviews are detailed and effective.

Work with a huge array of file formats

Envision allows you to import and display images and 3D models created in a range of different applications. Work with 3D models from over 30 3D CAD formats, display 20+ vector graphic file formats, and all leading image formats.

Full control and security

With Envision you’re in complete control of who gets to see and interact with your content. Sophisticated 3D data settings allow you to set different levels of visibility and interactivity for your 3D models, and you can manage collaborative permissions for every stakeholder individually.

See how easy it is to create this document using the Canvas Envision Creator Application

Power real-time collaboration with the Canvas Envision 3D interactive viewer

In a world where distributed teams have become the norm, the ability to collaborate regardless of geographic location is operationally essential.

With the Canvas Envision 2D and 3D interactive web viewer, users can inspect, comment, clarify and request more information. Easy control privileges empowers teams to collaborate globally to create perfect documentation.

collaborative creativity

Envision is about working together.

You can share the documents you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feed-back, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for clearing the finished document with sales and business development teams.

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