data democratization empowers .everyone

Democracy makes essential things available to everyone who needs them. It gives everyone the power to contribute to, and influence, large and important outcomes.

Within an organization, data democratization is no different. By making critical product information available to every qualified person who needs it, and giving them the ability to visualize, communicate, and collaborate using that data, you empower them. Freshly empowered, they are better able to contribute to the movement of the organization towards its own important outcomes.

With Canvas Envision, you can democratize your product data, making it, Accessible, Understandable, and Actionable.


the data accessibility problem

In many manufacturing organizations 3D CAD models are typically accessible only to the engineering teams that have the specialist software and training to interact with them. But those models are the source of product visualizations used in documentation created by teams right across the company, including corporate and product marketing, sales, and customer success. The documentation they create is essential to the market’s understanding of and demand for your products, and your customers’ ability to install, use, and maintain them effectively.

Typically those documentation creators depend on engineering teams to supply static screenshots of product models taken from CAD software. Those screenshots are time-consuming and economically inefficient to create and supply, show only a fraction of the product, and are at risk of rapidly becoming out of date.

make your product data accessible to .everyone

Because the Canvas Envision creator is an easy to use graphics app that can ingest and visualize your 3D CAD models, it gives everyone who needs it the ability to work independently with CAD to create whatever type of documentation they are responsible for.

It provides a single visual communication application to ingest and work with 3D CAD models created in all leading CAD software packages, and combine model visualizations with photos, 2D graphics, text, charts, easy annotations, measurements, and more.

Which means it’s easy for everyone to create and share accurate, informative, and compelling visual assets which are always current thanks to associative data

▸ see how the Envision Creator makes product data accessible by empowering everyone to work directly with 3D CAD

drive faster time to understanding

We increasingly work in cross-cultural and multinational environments, with data that is becoming more complex, while under ever-greater time and economic pressures. That means we have to get better at communication, even as it’s becoming more difficult.

We need everyone to understand faster, and with greater clarity, in less time. Visual communication is often the fastest way to make complex things understood and, done properly, can help you reduce costly delays and errors by making sure everyone is on the same page.

Canvas Envision gives everyone in the organization the ability to become powerful visual communicators, translating complex data and ideas into visual assets for a broad audience and demographic.

And because it lets content consumers actually interact with the models in Envision documents, and collaborate in real time with content creators it helps you ensure the fastest possible time to understanding.

“It can be hard to get details across when we’re talking to our overseas suppliers about a specific feature of a product that we need. But visual communication goes a long way to solving that problem.”

— David Whritenour, Founder of Titan Flow Control, and Canvas Envision customer.  

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data democratization is all about the action

The power of information comes from our ability to act on it. By ensuring faster time to understanding, you can streamline essential processes.

Canvas Envision helps you unlock the true value of product data by ensuring your audience knows precisely what needs to be done and how to do it. Team members and downstream players in the ecosystem are able to seek clarity from document authors in real time. Maintenance teams connect directly to product experts. Sales and business development teams can interact with engineering. Customers can interact with suppliers.

Envision creates a collaborative environment for visual assets to be refined and optimized, while capturing and leveraging every valuable interaction associated with key documentation both in development, and in deployment. And that means things get done faster.

collaborative creativity

Envision is about working together.

You can share the documents you’re working on with colleagues and team members wherever they’re located. They can interact, mark-up, feed-back, clarify, and sign off. Perfect for working in distributed teams, for checking product details with your engineering team and for clearing the finished document with sales and business development teams.

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