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Canvas helps an aerospace company visualize complex engineering requirements

“Canvas is invaluable in taking that complex data and making it very easy for the mechanics to understand.”

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Visual Communication Engages Investors

For start-ups working in specialized and technical areas, communication of complex products and value propositions to the investment community is a challenge. For environmental technology start-up Nth Cycle visual communication has been the most effective approach.

Creating Technical Documentation 50% Faster with Canvas

BeeHex has designed complex hardware from scratch and uses Canvas X Pro to create precision visual communication assets for internal teams, manufacturing suppliers, and customers using and maintaining its printers.

manufacturing engineer using 3D technical drawing solution to work on technical documentation with 3D CAD model

Driving Cost-Efficient Manufacturing Workflows

Canvas X Pro is used across the organization at sub-assembly manufacturer GlenDee MGI to improve process documentation and technical illustration workflows.

The Critical Role of Technical Illustration in Aerospace

Canvas software is used by technical illustrators at this Fortune 50 manufacturer to visualize complex engineering requirements for service and maintenance personnel and manage file compatibility between systems.

Technical Illustration from Design to Installation

Canvas software is used at every part of the custom sign manufacturing process at Arrow Sign Company, from artwork design, through engineering shop drawings, to wiring diagrams, and installation instructions.