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Make your geospatial data tell a story. Put actionable insights into the hands of key stakeholders, increasing productivity and enabling better informed decision making.

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putting visual communication on the map

Combining a rich graphic toolset with sophisticated geospatial data handling, Canvas X Geo is the geospatial data illustration software designed to work in tandem with Geographic Information Systems.

    • Represent, filter, and integrate a wide range of geospatial data formats in a single, powerful application
    • Import and work with documents containing over one million objects in high resolution
    • Drive seamless data collaboration thanks to numerous outputs, including maps, cross-sections, figures and presentations
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“Canvas X Geo combines precise geographical awareness with excellent interpretative facilities.”

– Canvas X Geo Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019


key features

With a professional illustration toolset and specialist geospatial data handling capabilities, Canvas X Geo gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to visualizing the real world.

real world accuracy

Position objects according to their latitude and longitude coordinates. Display the length and forward azimuth when measuring between two points, as well as the percentage of error. Measure distance in real world coordinates by drawing and selecting a line between two points.

granular graticules

Create grids displaying the meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude. Precisely control units of measure, exact decimal levels, longitude and latitude start and edit points and spacing/divisions, latitude degree rotation, horizontal and vertical offsets, and even the label format settings.

make your data pop

Take advantage of detailed fill, stroke, ink, and custom augmentation options for your GIS data visualization. Vary the appearance of map objects according to a selected property or a query to create thematic and choropleth maps

unmatched versatility

Canvas X Geo can import and access data in over 70 file formats.

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highly complementary to leading geographic information systems

The blend of professional illustration tool sets and sophisticated geographical data handling is why data managers who work with ArcGIS, Global Mapper, MapInfo, Surfer, Maptitude and more choose Canvas X Geo geospatial data illustration software.

Here’s what they say

  • 76% — “Canvas X Geo is highly complementary to the Geographic Information System I work with.”
  • 82% — “Canvas X Geo gives me more control over visualization and illustration than native GIS toolsets.”
  • 73% — “Canvas X Geo enables me to create better illustrations of geospatial data than other illustration packages.”


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Leading brands rely on Canvas X Geo for data visualization that drives key
decision making.


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