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Use 3D CAD data to create rich 2D product documentation with our powerful 3D technical illustration software. Empower your technical illustrators and drive autonomous and efficient workflows.

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powerful 3D

technical illustration software

Canvas X3 is the 3D-compatible illustration solution that combines a rich graphic toolset with the ability to import and handle 3D CAD models, making it easy to create powerfully precise visual documentation.

  • Combine 2D and 3D graphics. Enjoy unmatched control over 3D model visualization and work with greater independence and efficiency.
  • Rotate and explode 3D models. Ghost, hide and highlight parts and apply numerous graphic effects to models for technical illustrations.
  • Import and work with CAD metadata to create automatic annotations and bill of materials tables.
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Watch this short video and see how to create rich technical documentation using photos, vector graphics, text, annotations, and 3D CAD

“We were blown away by the user friendliness of Canvas X3’s ability to focus on 2D views of 3D models.”


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key features


manipulate, visualize, repeat

with Canvas X3 3D technical illustration software, visualizations of 3D CAD objects can be edited and re-edited as many times as you need, without you having to request new source files. X3 imports all the data you need to create compelling, custom illustrations of models for a raft of 2D assets.

communicate precisely

show, hide, and ghost any part in your assembly to focus your audience on what you want them to see. use color to highlight parts within your assemblies, and move parts along their axes for exploded views which show your audience everything they need to know.

get every point of view

display your 3D object precisely as you need to, using both orthographic and perspective views combined with a host of render modes including smooth, outlines, wireframes, technical, flat, and silhouette. vectorize your views with unbeatable detail and quality and export to a huge range of image and vector formats.

simplicity and value

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By making Canvas X3 available across our teams we expect to drive significant efficiencies in our documentation workflows

Glendee MGI

Canvas X³ enables us to show with absolute clarity how our technology and processes work

Nth Cycle

We’ve cut the time we spend on critical documentation by up to 50%. Canvas X³ frees our engineers to focus on what’s most important.


I really like the annotation lens because you can instantly zoom into the precise point on the model or process that you need to show in more detail

Nth Cycle

We wanted something that was suited to the job. Canvas X³ is a great communication tool

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unmatched 3D CAD file format support

Canvas X3 can import and access data in over 90 File Formats, including files created in all leading 3D CAD packages.


Phase One RAW (032/RAW) Adobe® Illustrator® CS (AI) Sony RAW ARW (ARW) Bitmap (BMP/RLE) Support Raster Format (CAL)
CorelDRAW (Versions 3.x – 8.x)(CDR) Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Canvas X Legacy (CNV/CV5) Canon RAW CR2 (CR2) Canon RAW CRW (CRW)
Canvas Draw (CVD) Canvas Draw Template (CVDTPL) Canvas X Image File (CVI) Canvas 3.5, artWorks (CVS) Canvas X (CVX)
Canvas X3 Kodak RAW DCR (DCR) DICOM Image Files (DICOM) AT&T DjVu Image (DJV/DJVU/IW4) DNG (DNG)
Microsoft Word (DOCX) Design Web Format (WHIP!) (DWF) Enhanced Metafile (EMF) Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Epson RAW ERF (ERF)
GIF Graphics (GIF) HDR (HDR) ICL (ICL) AT&T / Multigen (ICN) Icon file (ICO)
JPEG 2000 JP2 File (JP2/JPX/JPK/J2K) JPEG 2000 Codestream (JPC/J2C) JPEG Graphics (JPG/JPE/JPEG) Kodak RAW KDC (KDC) Mamiya RAW (MEF)
Konica Minolta RAW (MRW) Nikon Raw (NEF) Nikon Raw NRW (NRW) Olympus RAW (ORF) Kodak Photo CD (PCD)
Paintbrush Bitmap (PCX) Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) Pentax RAW PEF (PEF) Pegasus PIC (PIC) Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) Printer (PS) files (PRN) PostScript® files (PS/EPS) Photoshop (PSD/PDD) PaintShop Pro (PSP/PSPIMAGE/PSPBRUSH)
Fujifilm RAW (RAF) Contax RAW (RAW) Leica RAW (RAW) Panasonic RAW (RAW) Pentax RAW (RAW)
Casio RAW (RAW/BAY) RAW (RAW/MOS/FFF/CS1) RAW Image (RAW/TXT/CSV) Rich Text Format (RTF) Panasonic RAW RW2 (RW2)
Leica RAW RWL (RWL) SONY RAW (SRF/SR2) Samsung SRW (SRW) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) TARGA Bitmap (TGA/VDA/ICB/VST)
Canon RAW TIFF (TIF/TIFF) Kodak RAW TIFF (TIF/TIFF) TIFF Image (TIF/TIFF) Canvas X Template (TPL) Plain Text (TXT)
CATIA V5 (.cgr) CATIA Assembly (CATProduct) CATIA Part (CATPart) COLLADA (DAE) AutoCAD (DWG/DXF)
Autodesk 3DS (3DS) Autodesk DWF (DWF/DWFX) Filmbox (FBX) GL Transmission Format (GLTF/GLB) Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/IFCzip)
IGES (IGS/IGES) Inventor (IPT/IAM) JT Siemens (JT) NX Siemens (PRT) OBJ (OBJ)
Parasolid (X_T/XMT_TXT/X_B) Pro/E/Creo Assembly (ASM) Pro/E/Creo Part (PRT) PRC (PRC) Revit (RVT/RFA)
Rhino (3DM) SolidEdge (PAR/ASM/PSM) SolidWorks Assembly (SLDASM) SolidWorks Part (SLDPRT) STEP (STP/STEP/STPZ)
AVI Clip (AVI) Bitmap (BMP) CALS (CAL) Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Canvas 6-8 (CNV)
Canvas X Image File (CVI) Canvas X (CVX) AutoCAD® native files (DWG) AutoCAD® drawing interchange (DXF) Enhanced Meta File (EMF)
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Canvas X Slide Show (EXE) GIF Animated (GIF) GIF Graphics (GIF) Web Files (HTLM/HTM/XHTML)
Icon File (ICO) JPEG 2000 JP2 File (JP2) JPEG Graphics (JPG/JPE/JPEG) Paintbrush Bitmap (PCX) Adobe® Acrobat® files (PDF)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Photoshop (PSD/PDD) RAW Image (binary) (RAW) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Scalable Vector Graphics – Compressed (SVGZ)
TARGA Bitmap (TGA/VDA/ICB/VST) TIFF Image (TIF/TIFF) Canvas X Template (TPL) Raw Image (text) (TXT) Wireless BMP (WBMP)
GIF/JPEG (Web IMages) Google WebP Image (WEBP) Windows Meta File (WMF)


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