Impossible Sensing Selects Canvas Envision to Power Interactive Product Communication

  • Interactive content to drive more effective customer engagement at scale
  • Impossible Sensing to use Envision to communicate product value and function
  • Platform to play key role in collaboration and communication for internal stakeholders

Boston, MA USA – November 02, 2021: Canvas GFX, Inc, today announced that space tech pioneer and NASA contractor Impossible Sensing has deployed the Canvas Envision interactive content and collaboration platform to scale interactive customer engagement in the wake of the pandemic.

Impossible Sensing, which develops autonomous exploration tools for use in deep space and deep ocean environments, will use Envision to create interactive content which allows prospective customers and partners to manipulate embedded 3D CAD models of its products. It will also position Envision as a communication and collaboration hub for internal stakeholders and ecosystem partners.

Canvas Envision makes it easy for anyone to create rich visualizations of 3D CAD models which can be accessed through any browser. Content created in Envision allows viewers to interact with embedded models by rotating and panning, isolating,or ghosting individual parts, and exploding assemblies.  

Impossible Sensing Founder and CEO Pablo Sobron said that allowing customers to interact with product models is a powerful way of bringing a product and its potential to life.

“With Envision we connect with our audience at a deeper level. We can now create much richer content in a way that helps our audience better understand our product because we can show things we couldn’t show before. Interactive content, such as we create with Envision, creates an emotional connection with our customers. They can imagine their life with our product from the very beginning and immerse themselves in what we are doing, helping us to develop the product for them," he said.

"Before the pandemic I would take a 3D-printed model to meetings. Now I can use Envision to let the customer feel the product and, since I don't have to travel, I can do 20 meetings a week instead of two.”

The announcement reflects increased adoption of Canvas Envision in the space industry. “The Space technology sector can be incredibly fast moving,” said Canvas GFX CEO Patricia Hume. “The ability to rapidly communicate a product’s value, function, and use is essential, and interactive content is one of the most effective ways of doing this. We are proud to be working with Pablo and his team at Impossible Sensing, and we look forward to supporting them on their remarkable journey.”


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AboutCanvas GFX

Canvas GFX develops visual communication and collaboration solutions that are trusted by leading brands from verticals including aerospace and defense, automotive, commercial and domestic appliance, energy, and education. Canvas solutions bridge the divide between technical and graphics applications, empowering everyone to communicate and understand complex information with absolute clarity.


About ImpossibleSensing

Impossible Sensing develops optical sensing technologies to explore space and reverse climate change. Impossible’s innovations are used, among others, to search for life on other planets and resources on the Moon, survey clean-tech minerals and biodiversity in the seafloor, measure and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector, and monitor indicators of climate change at global scale.


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