Introducing Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019

Plantation, FL (November 6, 2018) – Canvas GFX releases latest edition of technical graphic software. Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 provides a diverse design environment for professionals from graphic designers to seismologists, and GIS professionals. Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X 2019 GIS achieve industrial precision, with accuracy up to 0.035 microns, in an integrated and flexible design environment, while working with vector objects, raster images, text, effects, and a wide range of diverse tools.

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Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 NEW FEATURES:

  • Table tool – quick table generation, direct typing, customizable cell borders, backgrounds, sizes, and styles.
  • Annotation notes – auto-number or auto-letter your annotations with “EasyShapes” like circles, squares, rounded squares, or diamond shapes.
  • SVG/SVGZ import is supported.
  • Mirror tool – quickly make a reverse copy of selected objects in 2 clicks. The mirroring axis can be drawn or snapped to other objects and rotated freely.
  • Select by Location (GIS only) – select shapes meeting your defined spatial criteria.
  • Geoprocessing tools (GIS only) – Highlight shapes in your documents meeting specific criteria with geoprocessing functions Intersection, Difference, Symmetrical Difference, and Union.
  • Import formats (GIS only) –, SQLite, GeoPKG, GeoJSON.

For a complete list of features and improvements, please see the Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 release notes:

Availability and Pricing

Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 are available for a 1-month free trial with no application restrictions or limitations at Canvas X 2019 is available for US $599 or a subscription of US $239/year and Canvas X GIS 2019 is available for US $799 or a subscription of US $299/year.

About Canvas GFX, Inc.

Canvas started in 1987 with Canvas 1 release on Mac that year.  For thirty years, Canvas is devoted to graphic design and illustration software.  Canvas GFX has offices in Fort Lauderdale FL, Miami FL, Vancouver BC, and Victoria BC. Current products include Canvas Draw for Mac for graphic design and technical illustration and Canvas X a technical illustration tool used by engineers and GIS professionals. Canvas GFX customers include General Dynamics, Caterpillar, Boeing, NASA, and other Fortune 100 organizations.

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