extra symbols for macOS

callout — download

clipart — download

network design — download

special objects — download

workflow — download

music — download

chemistry — download

defence — download

environmental — download

home and office — download

oil and gas — download

park and recreation — download

business — download

aerospace — download

construction — download

human anatomy — download

mechanical — download

landscaping — download

To download extra symbols from the Symbol Library palette

  1. Do one of the following to open the Symbol Library palette.
  2. Choose File | Symbol Library.
  3. Choose Window | Palettes | Symbol Library.
  4. Click the Symbol Library tab on the Docking Bar.
  5. Click the Download icon.

In your default web browser the download page will be displayed.

To use a downloaded symbol set in Canvas X Draw

  1. Click a category name of symbol set.
  2. A Zip file will be downloaded.
  3. Navigate to the “Downloads” folder in the Finder.
  4. Unzip the file to one of the following:
  5. the default folder like “/Users/user_account/Documents/Canvas X Draw/My Symbols
  6. any folder of your choice
  7. Open the Symbol Library palette in the application.
  8. Click the palette menu and select Refresh.
  9. Click “My Symbols” and expand subcategories if necessary.
  10. Click a category name of the symbol set that you downloaded.

Downloaded symbols set will be displayed in the Thumbnail View window below.

To set up a custom folder to display downloaded symbol sets in the Symbol Library palette

  1. Open the Symbol Library palette.
  2. Click the palette menu icon in the Symbol Library palette.
  3. Select Symbol Library Options.
  4. Click Add Path.
  5. Navigate to a folder where you uncompressed the downloaded Zip file.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The folder path will be displayed in the Directory Paths of My Symbols list.
  8. Click OK to close the Symbol Library Options dialog box.
  9. Click My Symbols and expand subcategories if necessary.

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