canvas x geo file formats

Canvas X Geo can import and access data in over 70 file formats.


Phase One RAW (032/RAW) Adobe® Illustrator® CS (AI) Sony RAW ARW (ARW) Bitmap (BMP/RLE) Support Raster Format (CAL)
CorelDRAW (Versions 3.x – 8.x)(CDR) Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Canvas X Legacy (CNV/CV5) Canon RAW CR2 (CR2) Canon RAW CRW (CRW)
Canvas Draw (CVD) Canvas Draw Template (CVDTPL) Canvas X Image File (CVI) Canvas 3.5, artWorks (CVS) Canvas X (CVX)
Kodak RAW DCR (DCR) DICOM Image Files (DICOM) AT&T DjVu Image (DJV/DJVU/IW4) DNG (DNG) Microsoft Word (DOCX)
Design Web Format (WHIP!) (DWF) AutoCAD® native files (DWG) AutoCAD® drawing interchange (DXF) Enhanced Metafile (EMF) Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)
Epson RAW ERF (ERF) GIF Graphics (GIF) HDR (HDR) ICL (ICL) AT&T / Multigen (ICN)
Icon file (ICO) JPEG 2000 JP2 File (JP2/JPX/JPK/J2K) JPEG 2000 Codestream (JPC/J2C) JPEG Graphics (JPG/JPE/JPEG) Kodak RAW KDC (KDC)
Mamiya RAW (MEF) Konica Minolta RAW (MRW) Nikon Raw (NEF) Nikon Raw NRW (NRW) Olympus RAW (ORF)
Kodak Photo CD (PCD) Paintbrush Bitmap (PCX) Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) Pentax RAW PEF (PEF) Pegasus PIC (PIC)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX) Printer (PS) files (PRN) PostScript® files (PS/EPS) Photoshop (PSD/PDD)
PaintShop Pro (PSP/PSPIMAGE/PSPBRUSH) Fujifilm RAW (RAF) Contax RAW (RAW) Leica RAW (RAW) Panasonic RAW (RAW)
Pentax RAW (RAW) Casio RAW (RAW/BAY) RAW (RAW/MOS/FFF/CS1) RAW Image (RAW/TXT/CSV) Rich Text Format (RTF)
Panasonic RAW RW2 (RW2) Leica RAW RWL (RWL) SONY RAW (SRF/SR2) Samsung SRW (SRW) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Plain Text (TXT) Wireless Bitmap (WBM/WBMP) Google WebP Image (WEBP) S-57 Files (000) USGS STDS (Spatial Data Transfer Standard) (CATD.DDF)
ASCII GIS Shapefile (DAT) DLG-O files (DLG/DO/OPT) USGS Digital Orthoquad files (DOQ/NES/SES/NWS/SWS) Arch/Info Text Coverage (E00) ESRI File Geodatabase (GDB)
GeoJSON (GEOJSON) Geography Markup Language files (GLM) GeoPackage (GPKG) GPS Exchange Format (GPX) JPEG 2000 JP2 File & Geo JP2 (JP2/JPX/JPK/J2K
Google Earth™ (KML/KMZ) MapInfo files (MIF/TAB) OpenStreetMap (OSM/PBF) Tiger Census file (RT1) ESRI GIS Shapefile (SHP)
MrSID files (SID) SQLite database (GIS) (SQLITE) TIFF Image & Geo TIFF (TIF/TIFF) GIS Text Data (TXT) GPS Garmin Data (TXT)


AVI Clip (AVI) Bitmap (BMP) CALS (CAL) Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) Canvas 6-8 (CNV)
Canvas X Image File (CVI) Canvas X (CVX) AutoCAD® native files (DWG) AutoCAD® drawing interchange (DXF) Enhanced Meta File (EMF)
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Canvas X Slide Show (EXE) GIF Animated (GIF) GIF Graphics (GIF) Web Files (HTLM/HTM/XHTML)
Icon File (ICO) JPEG 2000 JP2 File (JP2) JPEG Graphics (JPG/JPE/JPEG) Paintbrush Bitmap (PCX) Adobe® Acrobat® files (PDF)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Photoshop (PSD/PDD) RAW Image (binary) (RAW) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Scalable Vector Graphics – Compressed (SVGZ)
TARGA Bitmap (TGA/VDA/ICB/VST) TIFF Image (TIF/TIFF) Canvas X Template (TPL) Raw Image (text) (TXT) Wireless BMP (WBMP)
GIF/JPEG (Web IMages) Google WebP Image (WEBP) Windows Meta File (WMF) Geo Bitmap (BMP) Geo JSON (GEOJSON)
Geo GIF (GIF) GeoPackage (GPKG) Geo JPEG 2000 Image (JP2) Geo JPEG (JPG/JPEG) Google Earth (KML)
Google Earth Compressed KML (KMZ) Acrobat® Acrobat® files with Geospatial extensions (PDF) Geo PNG (PNG) Open Street Map (OSM/PBF) ESRI GIS Shapefile (SHP)
Geo TIFF Image (TIF/TIFF) GIS Text Data (TXT)

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