The Best User Experience is One that Makes Life Easier

The Best User Experience is One that Makes Life Easier

Canvas X³ is being used by one of our manufacturing customers to drive measurable efficiencies in workflows, and to give employees the ability to work with more autonomy. That's the user experience we aim to deliver.

Patricia Hume
June 19, 2020

Like any company with a community of end users, Canvas is tightly focused on that community’s experience of our products. And that’s not restricted to how easy they find the products to use, or how quickly we can provide help when it’s needed. It’s also very much about the ways in which the products improve the users’ ability to do their jobs.

When a customer’s experience of our product is that it makes life easier in some way, we’ve succeeded in our own aims.

This came home to me during a conversation with a customer who recently purchased subscriptions to Canvas X3 for a substantial number of the team at his manufacturing business.

Canvas X3 gives users the ability to import 3D CAD models and manipulate them – rotate and explode the models, ghost parts, and so on – to create precise visualizations of different views and elements of objects and assemblies.

This customer was facing a problem: Any time team members downstream from his CAD Engineers needed visualizations of 3D models for production and technical documentation, they had to approach the engineering manager, who had to involve one of the CAD engineers, resulting in three people standing around a screen, trying to get a view of a product which only one of them needed.

Expensive engineering and CAD software hours were being consumed by the wrong kind of tasks, while other processes were being delayed. As these instances accumulated over time, the inefficiency and cost were hard to ignore.

Two people communicating around a computer
Canvas X3 allows employees at this customer to work with greater autonomy, reducing reliance on expensive CAD engineers

Canvas X3 is enabling this customer to address that problem by allowing those downstream employees to access the 3D CAD files of their products on their own workstations and create whatever visualizations they needed without having to pull in other members of the team.

So, by providing X3 to those downstream employees, this customer is giving them new capabilities and new skills. He is empowering them to work with greater autonomy and greater efficiency. He is freeing the more expensive engineering talent from sub-optimal use of their time, and he is mitigating delays in his production process.

These are all measurable efficiencies, and these new users’ experience of the product will be one that drives an improvement in their workflows.

We spend a great deal of our time – our sales and marketing teams, our product and technical teams, our support teams – talking to customers about the challenges they face in their core processes and understanding how they, and we, can use Canvas software to address those challenges.

That is the Canvas user experience we’re building, and the one that lets us know we’re doing our own jobs right.

Book a free demo of Canvas X3 today or contact our sales team to find out more.

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Patricia Hume
Chief Executive Officer

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