What Is A Vector File?

There are numerous different vector file types; the popular Vector File formats include SVG, DXF, EPS, PDF.

Vector Files or Artworks are images and designs that can be scaled to different sizes without losing or reducing the artwork quality. Vector Files are created by establishing content points, within the vector image, by using a grid structure.

Explore the versatility of Canvas X Draw’s file format compatibility – Open Your Vector Files with Canvas X Draw Today!


Saving Vector files in Canvas X Draw

1.    Launch Canvas X Draw

2.    Choose File > Save As

3.    Select Vector File Type under the FormatSelection Dropdown

4.    Save your file


Opening Vector Files in Canvas X Draw

1.    Launch Canvas X Draw

2.    Choose File > Open

3.    Select Vector File(s) & click “open”

4.    Edit, Save and/or Export your Vector File

Canvas X Draw is a super versatile Graphic Design andTechnical Illustration Software that has a wide range of vector and raster fileformats, including:

Bmp, Cals, Cgm, Cvd, Cvdtpl, Dwg, Dxf, Gif, Animated gifs, Html/htm/xhtml, Ico, Jpg/jpeg/jpe, Pcx, Pdf, Png, Psd/pdd, Svg, Svgz, Tif/tiff & Wbmp


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